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Pewter with five shields, page one

Pewter, five shields, ship number 1
This ship is listed in H&J as #4262, in the 'Sterling & Plated Figurals' category, although it is neither sterling nor plated - it is solid pewter.  There are five shields on each side, shields are bidirectional.  H&J does show the spoon that is pictured below.
The 'dragon' heads on this ship are not exactly identical, although they look very close.  The head at the prow (on the left) has a slightly longer 'neck'.  The head at the stern is slightly larger at the base of its 'beak' (I'm identifying them as 'prow' and 'stern' based on this style of ship that has a sail - see below).

The original height of the heads is difficult to determine.  Pewter is a soft metal, and bends easily.  I have seen this style ship with the heads in different positions - from nearly upright, to bent so far back they're looking straight up.  My personal preference is either upright, or very slightly bent back, so as to follow the curve of the ship's hull.

Although the shields are bidirectional, they are not the same design on each side.  This is unusual - most viking ship salts have identical shield designs on each side.  This shows the shields on the port side of the ship (with ship's bow facing to the left).
This shows the shields on the starboard side of the ship (with ship's bow facing to the right).
This is a closeup of the word 'NORGE', written in raised lettering on the upper part of the bow of the ship.
These are the markings on the underside of the ship.  In raised lettering, it reads "HÅNDSTØPT", "TPB", "PEWTER" and "TINN".
This is the front of the spoon that came with this ship.  It has eight shields along the handle.  The top of the handle could be meant to resemble a crown, or the top of an arrow shaft.
This is the back of the same spoon.  In raised lettering, it is marked "NORGE" and "TPB" on the back of the handle.  The 'NORGE' is written horizontally, and the 'TPB' is written vertically, with the 'T' closest to the word 'NORGE'.
Variation 1
This is a variation of the same ship.  This ship is identical in nearly every respect with the one above; however, the "NORGE" marking on the bow has been almost totally obscured (seems to be more 'covered over', than filed or ground off).  Why?  I do not know.  The markings on the bottom of this ship are identical to the first one.
Variation 1, second example
On this ship, the "NORGE" on the bow has been somewhat more successfully obscured (you can just barely make out a bit of the letter "E").
Variation 1 spoon
This is the spoon that came with the second example of variation one above.  The spoon has the "TPB" marking in raised lettering, but the "NORGE" was either never there, or very skillfully obscured or removed.
Pewter, five shields, ship number 2
Except for the addition of a sail, this ship is identical to the first ship shown above.  Same dragon heads, same shields, same marking "NORGE" on the bow, same markings on the bottom.  The mast is attached to the bottom inside of the ship.  The bottom of the sail is attached to one shield on each side.  The mast has a pennant at the top.  The sail has the word "NORGE" across the front in raised lettering, and some decorative (possibly rope-type) detail along the top of the sail.
Variation 1
This is the same ship, but written on the sail, in raised lettering, is the word "SVERIGE".  There is no trace of anything on the bow, where the ship above had the word 'NORGE'.  The ship also appears to be a different (probably newer) type of pewter, as it's a lot shinier, and doesn't have the same 'soft grey' pewter look that the other ships have.
These are the markings on the bottom of this ship.  In raised lettering, it reads "HANDCAST", "TPB", "TINN", and "PEWTER".  Note that the word 'HANDCAST' is not centered - it appears to be an alteration of what had previously in that spot said 'HÅNDSTØPT'.
Pewter, five shields, ship number 3
Picture copyright eBay seller whatsupdoc19, used with permission
This was seen on eBay.  It has dragon heads that look slightly different than those pictured above (note that the back of the dragon head is more rounded).  And the shields also appeared to be a different design (four dots on each shield around the central shield boss).  The description stated 'pewter' and 'approx. 3 inches long'.
Pewter, five shields, ship number 4 - no picture yet
Another 5-shield pewter ship I've seen has still different dragon heads.  The shield design was not clear on the picture I've seen.
No picture yet
The markings on the underside of this ship read "MADE IN NORWAY", and they appear to be stamped into the pewter.
Pewter, five shields, ship number 5
This pewter ship measures just over 4½ inches at the longest point.  The five shields are unidirectional, oriented with the dragon head as the front, and all identical.  This is a 'footed salt' style ship, and the only pewter ship I know of so far that has waves for a base.
The ship is marked "BERGEN", stamped into the pewter near the top of the prow on each side.  I could find no other markings on this ship.  The oval base is partly hollowed out on the underside, uniformly to a depth of about 3/16".
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