Viking ship salt cellars

Pewter with six shields

Pewter, six shields, ship number 1
This ship is just over 4¼ inches in length, and nearly 2 inches in height (nearly 1 inch high at the shields).  The six shields on each side are completely blank, which is unusual.  The shields are bidirectional.  The 'heads' are identical, have no features, and appear somewhat doglike in profile to me, or perhaps are meant to resemble small pennants.  I do not know if this ship is supposed to come with a spoon.
These are the markings stamped into the underside of this ship.  There are the initials "GAB", and inside the lower part of the 'A' is the word "JUST".  Below that is the number "1109".
Variation 1 - no picture yet
This is another version of the marking on the underside of this ship.  It appears to be the word "JUST" inside a triangle (or possibly an "A"), then the word "DANMARK" below it, and then "1109" just below that.
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