Viking ship salt cellars

Silver with no shields

Silver, no shields, ship number 1
This ship is listed in H&J as #4261, in the 'Sterling & Plated Figurals' category.  The picture in H&J does not show the loose ring each dragon head holds in its mouth.  This is a small ship, measuring just over 3 inches across (dragon nose to nose), the bowl rim is just about ½ inch high, and the highest part of a dragon head is 1 inch.  This ship was said to have a 'lightly gold-washed interior', but to me the inside looks just the same as the outside.
I have heard from someone with this same ship - saying that theirs has a gold-washed interior,a glass liner, and a (possibly matching) spoon.
This is a closeup of a dragon head.  Notice the 'coil' detail on the ring.  This head is unusual, looking almost wolf-like to me.
This is the inside of the bowl.  This pretty design is embossed from underneath.  I wonder about bottom designs such as this, as in actual use (filled with salt), the design would not be visible.
This is the makers mark stamped into the underside of the ship.  It is marked '830' for silver content, and "MH" for Marius Hammer.
Silver, no shields, ship number 2 - no picture yet
This ship is listed in H&J as #4259, in the "Sterling & Plated Figurals" category.  Info states "Sterling, modern viking type, hallmarked Shreve & Co., circa 1930, just over 2" high."  This ship does not have any dragon heads, but has a gracefully curved 'front', and a small curly 'tail'.
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