Viking ship salt cellars

Notes on the photos

Because of copyright issues, I am only including scans and/or photos of ships I own, or have permission to list here.  I will also be describing ships that I do not own, but have researched and have some information about (I may attempt to sketch some of these, and post the sketches).  Ships will be added as I acquire them, or discover information about ships or variations I do not yet have listed.

If you know the meaning behind a marking I haven't identified yet, or if you want to point out something incorrect I have written, or you simply want to share some information you've found or tell me about a ship or variation I don't have listed here yet, please feel free to email me (please ask before sending pictures) - thank you!

Some notes on the pictures:

  • Sometimes the scanner causes a bit of glare that shows on the picture as a reddish or yellowish color - this is only glare from the scanner.  I try to minimize it through photo editing when I can.
  • When there seems to be a definite bow and stern end to a ship, the picture is shown with the ship's bow on the left.  If it's not obvious, I'll try to give some rationale for why I named one end the bow and the other the stern.
  • Some of the ships may not be cleaned as well as the others.  Sometimes a patina or tarnish is left to help highlight details, or cut down on glare from the scanner.  Sometimes I just didn't get around to polishing it fully.  Sometimes it's not a picture or scan I did, and it's the best picture I have at the time.
  • When is something a variation, and when is it a totally different design?  I made some arbitrary decisions on this.  If you have additional information on designs and/or variations, or want to find out why I categorized them as I did, feel free to email.

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