Viking ship salt cellars

Silver with eight shields

Silver, eight shields, ship number 1
This is a 'footed salt' style, with two crossbars connected by a single rod beneath the ship's hull.  This ship has one dragon head and one tail.  The eight shields are unidirectional, oriented with the dragon head as the front.  The ship is 4½ inches long from 'nose to tail'.  Height at dragon head is just under 2½ inches.  This ship did not come with a liner or spoon, I do not know if it's supposed to come with either.
This is a closeup of the shields.  They all have the same design.  Each 8-shield piece was made separately from the ship, and then attached (soldered) on.
These are the markings that are stamped into the ship's lower hull on one side.  They are (from left to right) two (sideways) towers in an oval; the word "ENERET"; a mark that looks like X's in an oval; and the word "ASTRAL" with two wavy lines under it, all inside an oval.
This is a closeup of the dragon head.  The dragon head and tail have a rough finish, not the smooth finish of most silver ships, and this is obviously intentional.
This is a front view of the ship, to show the detail on one of the crosspieces.  Both crosspieces have the same detailing on both of their sides.  The heads and feet of the crosspiece animal have the same rough texture as the ship's dragon head and tail.
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