Viking ship salt cellars

Silver with nine shields

Silver, nine shields, ship number 1
This is a 'footed salt' style, with waves as the base.  It has two identical dragon heads.  The nine shields are bidirectional.  The base is filled with a plaster of paris type substance, and has a piece of felt glued to the bottom.  I do not know if this was original to give weight to the base, or was done later.  Height at dragon head is 2 ½ inches, length is just over 3 ½ inches, nose to nose.  The ship came with a green glass liner.  I do not know if this ship is supposed to come with a spoon.
This is a closeup of the shields.  All of the shields have the same design.
This is a closeup of a dragon head, showing the detail along the ship's edge.  You can also see some round dots on the ship's planks - these are to represent the rivets that held the planks together, and they are spaced at regular intervals all along the planks on both sides.
This is the mark that is stamped into the upper side near the shields.  "830S" is for silver content, the other mark is for Magnus Aase.
This is the green glass liner that came with this ship.  It's edges are gently scalloped, which is puzzling to me, because when the liner is in the ship, you don't see the scalloped edges - making it a nice detail that goes unnoticed.
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